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Welcome to 128 Harley Street Dental Suite, I’m dedicated to providing you  with a uniquely personalised and gentle tooth straightening service.

I have 13 years of experience in treating patients. This ensures that my patients receives the very best!

My goal is to work together with you to deliver excellent results based upon the very latest technology with modern dental healthcare and Orthodontic techniques.

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  Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 13.59.23Dr Stefan Abela BChD, MFDS, RCS Eng, MSc, MORTH RCS Ed, GCAP, AHEA, FDS Orth RCS Ed

Specialist and Consultant in Orthodontics

About Dr Stefan

  • Dr Stefan is an internationally renowned Specialist
  • Award-winning
  • Leader in invisible braces – using the Latest Dental Technology
  • Fast results
  • 0% finance plans available
  • No hidden fees
  • Many brace systems to choose from, choose whatever you prefer, Dr Stefan knows it all!
  • Available as a package together with teeth-whitening

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Jonathan Ciantar-Picani

“It was an absolute pleasure to be treated by Dr Stefan Abela and his team during my Orthodontic journey. Dr Abela is extremely talented, patient and persistent to achieve the perfect end result. He tailored the treatment around my needs, listened to my concerns and acted on them. Him and his team offered the most welcoming atmosphere that you can’t help but feel comfortable around them. The end result was absolutely fantastic. Months after their removal, my teeth are still looking perfect. I am always happy to offer the highest recommendation for Dr Abela and his team.”

Success story

 Our beautiful dental suite

More success Stories

Case 1 – “Creating a beautiful smile and a better bite”

Duration: 18 months

Front photo (before)

frontal photo

Front photo (after)


Case 2 – “Correction of Dental Protrusion with Lingual braces (hidden on the inside of the teeth)”

Duration: 6 and a half months

Frontal teeth (before and after)


Side teeth (before and after)





Smiling photo (after)









Case 3 – “Teeth straightening with Invisalign”

Duration: 6 and a half months

Top teeth (before)

Top teeth (after)

Bottom teeth (before)

Bottom teeth (after)


Case 4 – “Teeth straightening with Invisalign”

Duration 6 and a half months

Before (top and bottom teeth)IMG_2881




After (top and bottom teeth)








Invisalign braces (left) and Conventional braces (right)




“Hidden braces” – braces placed on the back part of the teeth

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What Dr Stefan’s patients say

(Current Google Rating 5 / 5)


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“I have just got my braces after being treated for about 2 years by dr. Abela. I highly recommend as he is talented and charismatic.”

Karl Borg

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 14.33.58

“Our daughter, 12, has just completed her orthodontic treatment with Dr Abela and the result is a perfect smile. Dr Abela was painstaking, patient and professional in his treatment and took great pains to ensure that every tooth was correctly positioned. The treatment lasted the exact length of time that we were told it would at the outset.”

Emma Reeve

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 14.33.58

“Dr. Stefan has fixed my teeth to perfection! Very professional, humble and understanding. Dr.Stefan has been working on my teeth for 2yrs and a half. My teeth were shifted all to the right and weren’t straight, but now they are all in line and even .”

Amanda Brincat

Payment options

  • Over the course of treatment
  • Interest free monthly over 12 months
  • Monthly over 18, 24, 36 months

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