To get that perfect celebrity smile, or cover up damage caused by erosion and decay, you can opt for veneers to be cemented on your teeth. These porcelain additions can elongate a small or badly spaced tooth, creating a more uniform finish from top to bottom.

A permanent option for tooth improvement, veneers involve manipulating the shape of the original tooth by shaving it down, allowing better application of the ceramic veneer material. This tooth-coloured substance is then moulded to the desired shape, giving you the exact teeth you always wanted.

Some procedures include veneer work aren’t quite as invasive as a full replacement, with some merely being used to cover stains and chips within original teeth. However, even in larger procedures, work is done intricately to ensure minimum damage to the teeth you already have.

If veneers are something you would like to discover more about, contact our specialist team who can book you in for a porcelain veneers consultation, to decide whether the work is suitable for your particular case.