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Guided bone regeneration

Guided bone regeneration


Guided bone regeneration is a minor repair of the bone and is usually performed at the same time as the implant is being placed

Human bone has the capacity to partially rebuild itself, but in some cases this process requires assistance.

Biomaterials can support the body’s natural ability to regenerate lost bone.

A graft is placed to act as a “biological placeholder.” Initially, it mechanically prevents the collapse of the surrounding tissues, whether that is bone or soft tissue.

Then, through a process called “guided bone regeneration,” the human body is fooled to recognize the graft as natural bone and over time breaks down and replaces it with the patient’s own bone.

At 128 Harley Street Dental Suite we use a highly porous bone substitute material that meets this requirement optimally.

When is it needed?

  1. To support and augment the jaw bone when using dental implants, if the existing amount of bone is not sufficient for long-term stable tooth anchoring.
  2. Repair defects around previously placed dental implants.
  3. Extensive bone damage: Bone reconstruction after extensive bone loss.

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What Our Patient Say

Great service

Maya Laferla

Lovely team beautiful surgery and v happy with speed of retainer delivery!

Alex Wallitt

Stefan & Milisha could not have been nicer or more professional, I would recommend to anyone.

Andy Irvine

Fantastic service and painless fillings. Highly recommend!

Dalia Hashim

I have just got my braces after being treated for about 2 years by dr. Abela. I highly recommend as he is talented and charismatic.

Karl Borg

Dr Milisha was absolutely wonderful – very friendly and extremely professional. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Jeevan Riyait

Our daughter, 12, has just completed her orthodontic treatment with Dr Abela and the result is a perfect smile. Dr Abela was painstaking, patient and professional in his treatment and took great pains to ensure that every tooth was correctly positioned. The treatment lasted the exact length of time that we were told it would

Emma Reeve

It was an absolute pleasure to be treated by Dr Stefan Abela and his team during my Orthodontic journey. Dr Abela is extremely talented, patient and persistent to achieve the perfect end result. He tailored the treatment around my needs, listened to my concerns and acted on them. Him and his team offered the most

Jonathan Ciantar-Pisani

A big THANK YOU to Dr Abela for giving my daughters Lara and Lisa such a wonderful smile!!! The treatment here in Malta was professional, caring and highly successful! We are all very happy with the result!

Sirka Facklam

Well done Dr Stefan for the excellent job.Had my front tooth fixed in only four months using invisilign braces.

Sarah Laspina