Family Dentistry

At 128 Harley Street Dental Suite we believe that a good oral health starts from a young age. Evidence shows that the risk of acquiring dental disease past the age of 20 significantly decreases if the child can get by without ever needing a filling until the age of 20.

It is of benefit for children to start seeing the dentist from a young age, even if it just involves a ride in the chair and providing the parent with tips and tricks on how to brush. Regular check ups will allow the child to feel comfortable.


The child will hopefully in this way get accustomed to seeing the dentist regularly and be able to maintain healthy teeth for life. We believe that it is possible to grow up without having any dental decay or gum related problems.

We are also very happy to provide expecting mothers with advice on how to maintain the children’s teeth from a young age and how teeth develop with age. Dr Stefan Abela will also be able to offer his expertise on teeth straightening using the most up to date techniques available.