Mouthwash will boost the strength of your enamel and can protect your teeth against tooth decay. It is best to avoid eating/drinking/rinsing for one hour following the use of mouthwash. I usually recommend the use of mouthwash after breakfast and before bed-time.

The myth of corsodyl resolved..
Most of us have seen the corsodyl commercial where promises are given that it will treat everything! Corsodyl mouthwash should only be used for a limited time when prescribed by a dentist. Long-term use of corsodyl mouthwash can cause staining of teeth and change in taste sensations.

Which mouthwash is the best?
There are so many mouthwashes out there! To make it simple:
– Choose a mouthwash that contains fluoride
– I prefer alcohol free mouthwashes as they are not as strong and do not dry the mouth
– I love fluoriguard mouthwash. It has a high concentration of fluoride and it tastes nice leaving a nice fresh feeling after use.
– Use what you feel comfortable with!