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Clear braces are now available from our Harley Street orthodontist, London W1

There’s no better way to achieve a perfectly straight smile than to have braces fitted on your teeth but, if you’re no longer a child, the prospect of having traditional metal braces can be almost embarrassing, 128 Harley Street Dental Suite is here to help.

How are clear braces different?

Clear braces don’t use wire in the connections, opting instead for ceramic mounds on the teeth where metal would be usually. The thin metal components are barely noticeable, with most clients reporting that friends and family seldom even know they are wearing braces.

Clear braces will ensure that you retain your confidence whilst the brackets get to work on straightening up your smile. The dentist will discuss the length of the treatment required for your given circumstances, ensuring that your newly-perfected teeth can be revealed as soon as possible.

Most clear braces are almost imperceptible they are not quite as invisible as Invisalign, more information about Invisalign braces can be found here.

Photographs of people wearing clear braces

AO Teeth-Radiance

As you can see, the clear brackets are virtually invisible and the white wire blends in with the teeth, remember this is a close-up photograph so here is a full face image of a patient wearing clear braces.



At first glance you would be forgiven for not noticing that this person is wearing clear braces… They are virtually invisible braces.


How much do clear braces cost?

When considering the cost of clear braces, remember to think about:

  • How many appointments you might need, are all of these included in the treatment cost?
  • What about retainers, does your orthodontist include the cost of retainers?
  • Are additional appointments included at the end of treatment if the treatment goes longer than originally planned?

The cost of clear braces is generally a little more than conventional metal train track braces. Clear, white braces typically start from around £1995 for one arch (top teeth or bottom teeth).

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128 Harley (2)128 Harley

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